LoveCareHope is a program initiative by Minet Limited and Strategic Engagement aimed at providing support for organizations and individuals as the transition through COVID-19.  

Currently, Covid-19 has become the accelerator for one of the greatest workplace and life transformation of our lifetime as we need to be proactive more than ever before. It is of great value to have professional and psychosocial support as we embrace the new normal environment and its inevitable changes.

Minet is a trusted pan-African advisor that meets the uncertainties of tomorrow by delivering risk and human capital solutions today. As the largest Aon Global Network Correspondent, Minet has access to a network of over 50,000 colleagues in 120 countries as well as proprietary data, research and analytics which enable us to manage and secure the risks of tomorrow and provide clients with an unrivalled advantage.

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Strategic Engagement is a management consulting firm that offers practical and customized organization development and strategic human resource management interventions built to support organisations to achieve while gaining a competitive advantage through people.

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In January 2020, the World Health Organization declared the outbreak of the new COVID-19, it was later upgraded to a public health emergency and then a pandemic later in March.

The disease has spread globally with an influx of the affected overwhelming the health systems of many countries. As such, robust preventative measures have been put in place by governments globally that have interfered with the normal way of lives. Many have been quarantined while other are in self-isolation. This has been further concretised through a national lock down, in Uganda, which started on 24th March 2020.

A study carried out by Strategic Engagement and Minet Limited aimed at determining effects of COVID-19 and the lockdown among different employees from various organizations indicated that the emotional balance was most affected followed by the work life, financial and family life.

Most affected areas in livelihood post COVID19 outbreak

The most exhibited emotion presently is anxiety at 71% as there are lots of uncertainties, worries and fears contributing towards the current condition. 80% of the participants indicated that their major concern was the financial management needed to support them and their families as 82.3% of them highlighted to be in complete lockdown.

With majority of the respondents indicating that a care environment is needed to support them, Strategic Engagement and Minet limited have designed a program to address the need. The LoveCareHope program is aimed at providing the subscribers with information and interventions to their specific needs through professional counselling, coaching using online tools and virtual platforms.